The basic situation of Xiangyang Nursing School

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   Xiangyang  Nursing School is a full-time general secondary vocational school approved by the provincial government in July 1979. In 1991, it passed the qualification assessment on school conditions conducted by Provincial Education Commission. In 2007, it was determined to be the provincial key secondary vocational school accessed by education experts of Provincial Education Department. In May 2008, city government in Xiangyang carried out the integration of educational resources. Thus, it became the current “Xiangyang  Nursing school” merged with State-level key secondary school "Xiangyang  Science and Technology Trade School". In the same year, it was identified as state-level key secondary school assessed by the experts of Ministry of Education.

    After nearly three decades of construction and development, the school covers the total area of 230 acres currently with 85102m2 of total building area and 78102m2 of building area, of which training building area is 7130m2. At the same time, through their unremitting efforts to carry out multi-channel, multi-level school, the school has been expanded and has 4072 students presently. It has opened nursing, midwifery, electronic technology, computer application technology, logistics and technology, etc. Among them, nursing is the backbone of our school.

    Our school has been dedicated to nursing education since its establishment, and it is the only school for doctor academic education and vocational training in Xiangyang City designated by Hubei Provincial Health Department. It has been dedicated to nursing education for nearly 30 years and cultivated nearly 10,000 nursing personnel. Now, the annual enrollment capacity is more than 2000 for General secondary and Adult Students of tertiary and undergraduate.

    The existing faculty is 195 in the school, including 141 teachers accounting for 72.3% and 128 undergraduate degrees accounting for 91% of total number of teachers, of which has 32 double-qualified teachers accounting for 62.7% of Specialty Teachers. There are 18 senior engineers and 27 ones with intermediate professional titles, accounting for 73.8% of Professional Teachers. Most teachers have a solid theoretical knowledge and skilled skills, to produce multimedia courseware, and use modern teaching methods in teaching, with a certain foreign language skills and a wealth of teaching experience.

    Teaching and research outcomes are an important indicator of schoolteachers and are an important manifestation of the level of school education. The school adopted a series of measures to encourage teachers to engage in scientific research, teaching and research education reform, and writing a dissertation actively. In the past two years, our school has published papers above 40 articles, edited 16 textbooks and promoted the improvement of school teaching.

    The nursing training base supported by the state revenue has been completed and put into use. It has a modern analog care ward, nursing basic skills training room operations, simulation ICU room, operating room, nurses station simulation, clinical nursing laboratories, multi-media demonstration room nursing, anatomy lab, pathology specimens showroom, microscope room, physiological laboratory, chemical and biochemical laboratories, etc. On Nursing training equipments, it has emergency care people of medical teaching model Salinas, multi-function nursing bed, multi-functional care model people, CPR apparatus, artificial respirators, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, paunch flusher, breathing bags , rescue vehicles, Fully functional Operating Table, hanging-style operation shadowless lamp, Palpation for pregnant women and other simulation teaching equipments. It can meet the needs of the students experiment and skills training. The worth of the experimental training equipment is more than 600 million.

    The school also launched the construction of the external teaching base and wrote the agreement of practice teaching with the 43 hospitals of Upper Second Class inside and outside the province, which plays an important role for the practical training of qualified technical personnel.

    The school developed a series provision of teaching and research management system. Taking the syllabus issued by the Ministry of Health as the criterion, the school implemented the education program with the support of people-centered, and paid more attention on overall quality of student training. At the same time, it carried out the exchanges and cooperation in inter-school actively, introduced the new teaching ideas, and constantly explored new teaching model. The school ran the school jointly with Medical College of Wuhan University, Medical School of Three Gorges University, Yunyang Medical School and other higher school to carry out the adult education and other self-examination education of upgrading from a middle school to junior college or from junior college student to university student. Besides, based on the China Guanghua Nurse Foundation, it conducted exchanges and cooperation with Far Eastern University of Philippines, St.Patrick International College of UK, the University of Northampton and other universities, and explored the exchanges and cooperation in international nursing education actively.


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